Monday, December 15, 2014


Title: The Desire: A Novel (The Restoration Series) (Volume 3)
Author: Dan Walsh and Gary Smalley
Publisher: Revell (September 2, 2014)
Pages: 336

Having gone through many years of infertility, THE DESIRE: A NOVEL (THE RESTORATION SERIES) (VOLUME 3) by DAN WALSH and GARY SMALLEY, immediately grabbed my attention.

THE DESIRE touches on a few of the trials and tribulations a couple experiencing infertility goes through. MR. WALSH AND MR. SMALLEY given readers a glimpse into areas many couples experience that are often not realized by others.

Allan and Michelle have been trying to have a baby, and time is proving that something isn't right. Allan seems content to let God do His thing, in His perfect timing. Michelle cannot stop thinking about the baby she so desperately desires.

Infertility – whether a first time experience, or one you've gone through in the past – is never easy. It comes with many challenges that require a great deal of trust and hope. Those that have never experience infertility, have little knowledge of what one going through it, deals with. Having books in both fiction and non-fiction is a way to help others gain a better understanding, which can lead to compassion for those going through it, making their journey less painful.

I loved that the THE DESIRE didn't take the typical approach to a couple going through infertility. The secondary characters, Doug and Christina, leave the reader wanting to know more about their story. Good thing another one is in the making.

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