Monday, April 27, 2009

Book Recommendations For Writers

To all aspiring writers, I'd like to share a couple of wonderful books with you.

#1 The Romance Writers' Phrase Book, by Jean Kent and Candace Shelton - I happened upon this book while searching for writing books on Amazon. This little book ended up being a life saver. Though it felt like cheating at first, it got me through my novel, helping me when I got stuck. Of course, the more I wrote, and read, the less I needed it. A life saver in the beginning, just the same. I highly recommend it.

#2 Kate Walker's 12-Point Guide to Writing Romance, by Kate Walker - I knew my writing was missing something, but wasn't sure what. I then realized my characters were lacking substance. While reading this book, I had a light bulb moment. Though I got much from it, the highlight for me was the Characterization Worksheet. There are two pages of questions to answer about your character. Once you fill it out, you will know your characters in dept. This will allow you to write with confidence in knowing who they are.

Hope they will be of some help to you.



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