Sunday, January 10, 2010


Wow, where do I begin? As in all of Travis Thrashers books that I’ve read, they are written in a way that leaves me in awe of his writing. One may say his books are like Pringles. Once you start, you can’t put them down.

I love the way Travis blends the past with the present. Letters with dialog and story. Love the short chapters, not to mention the way he ends then, leaving you no choice but to start the next. You know a writer is good when the reader can’t find a good spot to stop.

Somewhere in my mind, I knew this was a story about a father and his daughter but being a hopeless romantic, I was quickly swept into the story of Billy and Kayla. As with many of Travis’ novels, he has a way of sucker punching you, causing a jaw dropping reaction, and EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE was no exception.

I loved the character, Billy. What girl wouldn’t?

In the first couple of pages I was instantly hooked, and not just hooked but deeply moved. What parent wouldn’t be? Not many stories start out in such a way that you have to hold back the tears. In fact, I don’t recall any other book I’ve read doing so.

As I read one page after another, I “knew” what was going to happen. How could I not? It’s a romance right? My emotions were deeply intertwined with Billy throughout the story. I silently nudged Kayla in the right direction. All the way till the very end.

Finishing EVERY BREATH YOU TAKE in two short days, at one o’clock in the morning, I flipped through the last couple of pages, still rooting for Billy. I “knew” what was going to happen, yet the suspense was there.

As I turned the last page, my heart stopped. What…! A rush of emotions swirled through my head and my heart. I felt as though I had been suckered punched. I laid there in my bed trying to make sense of it all. I tossed and turned but couldn’t fall asleep.

I needed answers.

Then it came to me. This wasn’t a romance…well, it was a romance. But more then a romance, it was a lesson about life. About being a parent. I am truly amazed at Travis’ insight to being a parent with only having one young child. The lessons that Thomas learns, is one every parent will come to learn. Or at least should.

Not only was this an amazingly well written story but it was a realization of something that every parent needs to know, and or be reminded of.

What an amazing life lesson this story turned out to be.


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