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Wow, what an amazing movie and story. THIS is what life is about! The Bible says, it is harder for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, then a rich person to get into Heaven. THE BLIND SIDE is an inspiring story but even more so when you line it up next to this Bible verse. This family did it right!

What a great message to society. To do for others. To think beyond our self. To take a leap of faith. To do what’s right. To do what our heart and soul prompts us to do. To not let others stop us from doing what’s right. That in spite of our circumstances…believe, hope, preserver…have faith!

The Tuohy’s are an amazing family, taking a risk and following their hearts to take in some kid off the streets. But they aren’t the only hero’s in this story. The man who insisted that Michael get into the private school. The teacher who cared enough to stop and find out what Michael needed to succeed in school. These are some of the people that along the way, made a difference in Michael’s life. A great example of what affect a little act of kindness can result in.

Besides the message of what one can do to help change a life, this is a story about a boy who doesn’t let his grim circumstances lead to a destructive attitude and life. How refreshing to see someone who accepts the help from someone instead of rejecting it because of foolish pride or anger.

This is a must see for everyone, both young and old. This is what everyone should be doing, seeking to make a difference in others life. Listening to the calling of God’s will for ones life. To serve God, by being an example to other in living our lives as Jesus would.


This movie was not what I’d expected. I guess I was expecting it would be more focused on the relationship between the wife and brother. What I walked away with was the effects one being in the service and fighting for our country can have on someone’s life.

What I hadn’t expected was another message that was played out in this movie. One of redemption. How wonderful to see a character with seemingly no direction or purpose in life, gain exactly that. I loved how the one brother found acceptance and purpose and hope for his future as he was suddenly placed in a position he’d never imagined he’d be in.

This movie could have gone in several directions. I liked that in the end the brother gain so much, as did the husband/other brother start to find healing in confiding in his wife. In today’s society, it’s refreshing to see a movie where the wife sticks by her man. A brother who despite everything, does what's right. And a man whose love is so great for his family that he puts all aside, laying it out on the table in hopes to regain what he was on verge of losing…his family.

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