Friday, January 15, 2010



Unknown said...

I was wondering what the writers' association requires of its writers. My new release, Angela 1: Starting Over (the first of a series of three set in a coastal Texas high school) comes from a background of Christian values but it does not preach or proselytise. Rather it is meant to make people think and dig some. To know more about the book, please click on my name and follow the link to my web site. Thanks!

kym McNabney said...

David, I'm not familiar with the Writers Association and their rules. I belong to ACFW (American Christian Fiction Writers). I started out with good intentions on writing, Inspirational Romance Fiction. What I’ve been told, along with the guide lines I’ve read, Inspirational have VERY strict rules of which my writing does not fit. Though my novels have faith in them (not preachy), no mention of sex, unless in a case of rape, no swear words, though a character may be said to of cussed, which from what I understand is another no, no in Inspirational fiction, and don’t sleep together, though have slept in the same house, I feel they are good, clean stories. For now, I’ve been told that Contemporary Romance Fiction is the way to go. It may be the same for you. Your book certainly does sound intriguing. I’ve been reading several YA books in the recent years due to my thirteen-year-old daughter, and have found that I very much enjoy them. I just may write one myself, one of these days.