Thursday, October 21, 2010


When one says the word “facebook” what comes to mind is a mix of good and bad.


Connections – Old friends, classmates, relatives, people you don’t know, people you’d like to know.

Communication – A way to get the word out there about something that is near and dear to your heart.

Networking – When you’re trying to build a name, it’s a great tool for getting who you are, out there.

Discovery - A way to discover new things. New people.


Time – If you’re not careful, it can eat up your time like sitting on the couch, watching TV like a sack of beans.

Privacy – You put yourself out there for others to get to know you. Now you can be found in a whole new, easier way. Others know your business.

What good has come from my being on facebook, something I had no interest in when I first heard of it. I must say it has been fun to see where people are in life that I have not seen or heard of since my school days. I also love the connection with other authors. It’s also been a means to learning of thing that touch my heart that I otherwise may not have been exposed to through the sharing of videos.

If it were not for facebook, and “liking” THE BAND PERRY, I would have missed out on a wonderful opportunity to meet them. It wasn’t long ago that I’d discovered them on Youtube, and fell in love with their music. I just received their first CD a week or so before opening my facebook up one morning and to my surprise, I discovered they were going to be at a Best Buy near my home!

Well, I certainly couldn’t pass the opportunity up.

That very day I made last minute plans to go and see them. With their CD blaring in my van, I headed for Downers Grove. I was semi surprised to find a long line when I entered the store but oh how worth the wait it would be. As I stood in line for an hour or so, I met two other women. We talked the entire time, sharing stories. They hadn’t brought their cameras, so I offered to take pictures for them as well.

I must say THE BAND PERRY exceeded my expectations. I realize their a relatively new band, but still. When it was my turn, Kimberly looked me in the eyes as she held out her hand and asked me my name. Both Neil and Reid did the same. They signed what I had brought for them to sign, as well as allowed me to take a picture with them. Not once did I feel rushed.

So thanks to God, facebook, and THE BAND PERRY, it was an amazing day!


kathy taylor said...

I resisted FB for a long time, also. I don't really trust it. I've managed to be in touch with great friends from my youth as well as people who have trigeminal neuralgia. My blog was there, but they didn't know it until I linked to it on FB. That amazes me.

Enjoy Perry. Did I get that right?

Kym McNabney said...


Yes, it is amazing what facebook can do. The good and the bad. It's great you're connecting with others through it.

And their name is: THE BAND PERRY. It can be kind of confusing. Their siblings.