Monday, August 24, 2009


I’d just turned off my bedside light for the night after reading for about an hour. The story I’m currently working on, Hearts Crossing started to run though my mind. One thought led to another, and before I knew it I was thinking about the book I currently have completed and should be submitting.

I have always been one that has been able to easily give title to what I write, whether that is a non-fiction article, short story or full length novel. The title usually comes to me relatively quickly and with satisfaction in believing it’s a good match/fit.

Reasons unknown to me, my second novel didn’t come as quickly or with the confidence they usually do. My first thought was, 24 Hours, but soon turned into 24 Days to 24 Hours. I even toyed with, 24/24.

As I often do, I look the title I’m currently thinking of up on Amazon, curious if any other books out there have the same title. And there was. So once again, not really happy with the title, 24 then became The Bet.

The Bet stuck for almost four years, though it never really did appeal to me. As I lay awake in my bed that particular story came to mind and out of the blue a title popped into my head! I hadn’t even been thinking about re-titling it, just that I needed to submit it, and wasn’t keen on the title.

The new title hit me like a Mack truck, as the saying goes. Quite an experience when one is lying down. The minute it popped into my head, I knew it was perfect. I immediately wrote it down so I wouldn’t forget it and then happily rolled over and went to sleep with a smile on my face.

The next morning with my tiny piece of paper in hand, and the words, Don’t Walk Away, written on it, I sat down at my computer to search Amazon for the title. No other books popped up with the exact title, though what did was another called, Don’t Walk Away, Yet.

What really blew me away was the book, Don’t Walk Away, Yet, is an inspirational book, which I write, though that one is non-fiction. Another God thing. It was written by a woman name, Kim. And if that wasn’t enough, the book was published in 2005, the same year I started writing my story now titled, Don’t walk Away!

The whole thing had God, written all over it. Just another hint from above to get going and get that story submitted! This will certainly be an experience I’ll never forget…especially if this book ends up being published.

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