Monday, August 10, 2009


I thought it was about time I officially started sharing what I've learned about writing.

In all the reading I’ve done over the years there’s one thing that has really stands out. You can have a wonderful, amazing storyline…but if it’s not written well, you’ve just lost your reader. If the reader is determined to finishes it, they most likely will walk away thinking, what a waste of storyline. Or maybe not even recognize the great storyline through all the bad writing.

Not that it’s a good thing to have a well written story, yet a lame storyline. That too can kill a story but at least then it’s ones own preference. After all, writing’s subjective. After reading the story, you may feel as though the story didn’t quite do it for you. Maybe it was the action or lack of, or maybe just not a subject you cared to read about. Whichever it is, at least if it was well written, there’s a good chance you won’t write off the write (no pun intended) as one to avoid in the future.

The best of books though, are those that have all the qualities met for a good novel. Those are the ones you can’t put down and the minute you finish the last page, has you running to the computer to email the author. You just have to let them know how much their book impacted you. And trust me, they deserve to know.

So writers beware…aspiring and best selling…don’t be/get sloppy. Always put your best work out there.

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