Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Another Book Review, My Sister Dilly, by Maureen Lang

Here's my review for another one of my favorite books, by one of my favorite authors.

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This was an amazing book. One that made me laugh, as well as cry. Can I say I love Mac? Wow, what an awesome character. And really, all the characters were incredibly brought to life. Maureen is an amazing writer and story teller.

I am involved in the prison ministry, so to all that are, I recommend reading this. And to all that know of someone who is, and can't quite figure out why their in it, this is a must read. And to all of those that have had to deal with a, "not so perfect child", this is a must read for you, as much as it is for those that know of someone who has a, "not so perfect child".

As a Christian, it's a good reminder of those that have been introduced to God, and yet have not accepted Him. There is always hope and we as Christian's should always be open to helping guide those far from God, back.

I loved this books so much, that I plan to purchase several copies to share with those I felt would benefit from reading it. It has that much of an impact.

If you liked this book, you are sure to like others my Maureen. I loved, "The Oak Leaves", and, "On Sparrow Hill". Two other amazing stories she's written.

I sure hope she comes out with an addition to his book. I'd love to hear more about Mac and Hannah, and see what happens with Dilly and Tom.

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