Friday, May 8, 2009

Travis Thrasher

It's nice to know that someone actually reads your reviews, and especially so when it's the author of the book you’re reviewing. I guess Travis Thrasher liked what I wrote on Amazon, for he has posted my review on both his blog and his facebook. I can only hope to write such amazing stories as he, and have someone enjoy them as much as I've enjoyed his.

Do yourself a favor, buy one of his books.

This is my review on Amazon:

AMAZING!, March 2, 2009
Kym McNabney (Illinois) - This is the third book I've read by Travis, and I'm thoroughly convinced he should be a number one best selling author. Each one I've read, Sky Blue, The Promise Remains, and now, The Watermark, are incredibly written, and inspirationally moving. His written words and story ideas blow me away.

Sky Blue, shocked me and moved me to tears, several time. That doesn't happen too often.

The Promise Remains still resides in my soul. I don't know if I'll ever leave. It's one of those books that will remain with you forever. It's that moving.

And now, The Watermark...Once again Travis had put an amazing story on paper that you almost forget you're reading a "story", you get so involved with the character and their lives. And that's not to mention the message of God that he intertwines throughout in a subtle, yet explosive way.

As I read the last page through tear filled eyes, I closed the book and wept. It was that moving.

I'll soon be reading, Three Roads Home, and have no doubt that once again I'll be blown away with this mans amazing writing.

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