Wednesday, May 6, 2009

It's Been a Long Time!

Tonight I played with my daughter’s band at the middle school. One song, that is. The band director had the idea to invite all the parents, grandparents, and teachers that played an instrument, to join in for the last song during the concert. What an experience that was. I really shouldn't say how long it's been since I last played on stage with my classmates. Let's just say it's been a really looooooooong time.

When I first received the sheet music, I was surprised to find that it was much harder then I thought it would be. I was also surprised how many notes I remembered, and how many I didn't. It was kind of like riding a bike. Though some things didn't come to me right away, most eventually did. And what didn't, I was able to relearn rather quickly...on the most part.

As I sat down to play with the middle school kids for the first and only rehearsal, I was shocked at how fast the piece was and quickly realized I should have practiced a whole lot more. Thank goodness for the girl next to me. I was able to follow her lead.

When it came time to actually play for everyone, I found I did much better then the first run through, though I still could have practiced quite a bit more. Oh well, maybe next time.

I was surprise to learn that though I was a bit nervous about getting up on stage and playing after all these years, I hadn't realized how much I missed doing so. It almost made we want to relive my childhood days...almost.

I think I now have the itch to play in a band, again. What a great idea and experience for parents, grandparents, and students alike.

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