Thursday, May 14, 2009

Love Finds You in Hartville Wyoming

I made the decision to stop writing my third book, and start my fifth. Yeah, I know...what about the forth? I hadn't gotten too far on the forth and around fifteen thousands words on the third. I had to stop the third one while I edited my second. So, seeing I had set it aside for so long, I had a hard time getting back into it, then became stuck when I tried to start it up, again. Though I have a theory it was a God thing.

You see, I'm going to Wyoming the end of May. May 27th to be exact and it has, BOOK written all over pun intended. My girlfriend suggested that I take lots of notes while in Wyoming, in preparation for the book, while I'm in the moment. So far I've been a seat of the pants writer, not a planner/outliner. So for me to take notes, I might as well be writing.

Not having written anything in weeks, I had the itch that needed to be scratched. Time was running out and soon I'd be off to Wyoming, so I needed to get some things in place for this book so when I was there and became inspired, I could write. I sat down and skimmed a few magazines, deciding on my main characters. All you writers know what I'm talking about. I chose David Boreanaza, from the show, Bones and, Claire Danes. I already have the scene in place of course. Hartville, Wyoming.

Having gone over my characters profile, the excitement of this new book flourished. I started writing today, and have about 1500 words so far. I love where writing takes you. So many places not ever you knew existed for your heroine and hero.

I'll be staying at the Kindness Ranch in Hartville, Wyoming for a week! Alone!!!!!!!!! What an amazing experience this is going to be. So many dreams come true. So many blessings beyond anything I deserve. God is so good.

An account of my blessings:

1) Staying on a ranch!
2) Helping animals.
3) Being able to learn about taking care of horses and sheep, and other animals.
4) Going to Wyoming!
5) A perfect everything for a novel!

There's a publishing company out there, Summerside Press that publishes fictional stories based in real towns. I plan on submitting, once done, this one. Love Finds You in Hartville, Wyoming. I can't wait.

You may ask, why Wyoming. When I was younger...much younger, my grandfather gave me a book to read. Wyoming, by Zane Grey. For those of you who don't know who Zane Grey is, he’s authored many fictional westerns. I wasn't planning on liking it, seeing it was a western, but ended up loving it. Ever since, I wanted to go to I will be.

A brochure showed up in the mail from the, Kindness Ranch, in Hartville, Wyoming. To me, it was a clear sign from God! I mean what could be more clearer. Ranch. Animals. Wyoming. It had, MUST GO, written all over it! I'll be leaving my three girls, husband, two dogs, rabbit, two rats, and a baby cockatiel, for a week. Hopefully when I get back, all will be sane and well. I told my husband I'll owe him big for this.

Blessings everyone.



Unknown said...

I drove through Wyoming (back in 77 or 78 on my way to find fame and fortune in California to this day I thank God I didn't find it) and it was one of the most beautiful parts of my drive. I truly hope you have a blessed time and if you can get some pics that you can post online and share with us

Kym McNabney said...

Hi Scott,
Thanks for sharing. You’ve just added to my excitement of going. Nine more days! I will definitely be taking LOTS of pictures. I recently found out that the publishing company I plan to submit my Wyoming story to appreciates photos. What a great idea to post them on my blog.
Thanks again.